RH-1 Rabbithead Pedal

RH-1 Rabbithead Pedal

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The all analog Rabbithead™ RH-1 is a versatile integrative preamp and overdrive that offers multiple tonal features for various instruments. The RH-1 brilliantly works for acoustic guitar with passive or active pickups, electric guitar, bass guitar, electric violin, and just about any other acoustic-electric instrument.

What you get is:

  • Multi instrument Preamp and Overdrive with Volume, Bass, Treble, two simultaneous 1/4” outputs which includes one balanced speaker sim output

  • Two switchable world class overdrives along with our Rabid™ grizzled distortion mode

  • “Focus”: which adjusts sub-harmonic frequencies to inject back into Clean from overdrive circuit, add to your bass signal, or contour your over driven guitar sound.

  • “Tone” for mid shaping the overdrives

  • Mix Mode + Drive A | B modes can be mixed or used independently for a variety of tones. The RH-1 can help get rid of unwanted direct pickup sounds from your acoustic instrument so it can sound more natural but still cut through live

  • Transformer-less, and quiet*

  • Speaker sim can still be used when pedal is bypassed

  • 9 volt DC or battery powered

*Higher gain overdrive settings can introduce some interference from certain pickups and situations.

Rabbithead shown in pics with Footswitch Cover option.

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RabbitHead Pedal:
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