MS-2 Stereo Preamp

MS-2 Stereo Preamp


Sunnaudio MS-2 Stereo Preamp offers more features and specific control of our products. Contact us for additional details and available custom mods.

Basic Features:

  • Pure analog 2 Channel preamp. Both Ch1 and Ch2 are compatible with popular guitar pickup and pickup systems including piezo, magnetic, and condenser.

  • Automatic routing of 2 sources from a single TRS input cable or from 2 separate input cables

  • Ch2 is compatible with active microphones with a Mic Power switch and internal adjustable gain.

  • Separate Pre and Post MS decoder effects TRS inserts for both channels

  • Adjustable highpass filter, bass and treble tone controls for both channels

  • Pushbutton configurable operation for summed mono, independent 2-channel, and 2-channel Mid-Side decoded stereo modes

  • 48V phantom** and internal battery operation. LED system power monitor.

  • Mute and optional boost foot switch

  • Active balanced XLR outputs and passive TRS balanced outputs for both channels

  • Ultra quiet, high 108dB dynamic range**

  • Clear, full, rich, complex overtones with total 2 channel flexibility

  • Very compact 5.6”W x 4.7”L x 2.7”H size

    **Phantom power operation requires both XLR outputs to be connected to a 48V source

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Custom Stereo Preamp by Sunnaudio. Additional or specific features may be added per user request. 6-8 weeks delivery time.